Using AI to create your own advertising spot in the web stream: FUNKE local radio stations launch new "ad.creator" tool for advertising customers

+ Development of new customers is the main goal + Westfunk broadcasters are pioneers in AI-supported spot production + Cooperation with Hamburg-based company aireal

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Programmatic premiere: RMS with cross-audit campaign for Hornbach

+ Playout in the technical setup with aireal and Virtual Minds + Cross-auditive grace time optimises net reach + Successful continuation of the first programmatic audio case in real time from the previous year

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aireal strengthens its team with industry expert Jan Poelmann

aireal, the platform for programmatic advertising in the audio sector, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jan Poelmann as Director Demand Side as of 1 March 2024. Poelmann, previously Managing Director of audioXchange, will strengthen the aireal team with his extensive expertise in the radio and audio sector as well as in the field of programmatic advertising.

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aireal makes radio programmatically bookable

Programmatic advertising is here to stay. Although traditional bookings, the so-called IO business, will never completely disappear from the scene, the shift towards data-driven, fully automated booking and playout processes can no longer be stopped.

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How aireal. wants to fully automate audio advertising

The ad tech platform Aireal. has set itself the goal of fully automating advertising technology for audio and also making linear radio bookable in real time. The head of the start-up explains exactly what this will look like.

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Decathlon buys live radio advertising programmatically for the first time

The programmatic infrastructure now covers wide areas of the advertising landscape and can also be used with the audio channel. However, programmatic campaigns on live radio are still uncharted territory. With the support of audio marketer RMS, sports equipment company Decathlon has [...]

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RMS: On-air radio as a reach extension

Reverse thrust: Together with Decathlon, RMS implemented a programmatic audio campaign in which live radio was also booked programmatically for the first time. Booking via Virtual Minds' SSP opens up a new level of granularity and timely control of audio advertising, where on-air radio is not always [...].

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Real-time programmatic radio: RMS sets new standards in the audio advertising market

The successful implementation was made possible in part by the technology of audio technology provider aireal. With its innovative software solutions, aireal ensured that terrestrial inventory information, data and broadcast confirmations were also transferred fully automatically and in real time between […]

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